Metaphor Textile Group

Metaphor Textile Group

About Us

We’re a group of artists passionate abut our work in textiles. Although each of us became involved in textiles through a different path we all agree that we love what we do and want to develop our skills and work further. Despite what life throws at us (or maybe because) we hold regular monthly meetings or workshops in both techniques and design considerations. Between us we have quite an array of skills which we try to share and develop, not always successfully, but it’s such fun discovering the art of the possible.

Usually we work to a theme that could last for several months or even a year, culminating in a finished piece or pieces of work. These have included titles such as Make do and Mend, Midsummer Nights Dream and Combinations.

We’ve exhibited as a group and had our work featured in WorkBox Magazine in addition to exhibiting individually.



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