Metaphor Textile Group

Metaphor Textile Group

Rosie Jackson

I have sewn and worked with textiles for as long as I can remember – as far back as making very inventive dolls’ outfits from scraps of fabric found in my Grandmas rag bag.

My love of creative embroidery began after the birth of my third child when I was diagnosed with post natal depression. I attended an embroidery class in my village as a way of therapy and worked my way through the City and Guilds courses that were on offer. I love working with fabric and threads, both by hand, and on the machine.

Colour and line play an important part in my work. My inspiration comes from many places and I love the North West Coast and the Highlands of Scotland. They are so atmospheric – the play of light on the mountains and the sea stir my soul. There is something so beautiful and magical about the area, even in bad weather. I paint, sketch and take many photographs whilst I am on holiday.

My work is below but you can also see some of my design work.


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